yeah i know im rand0m when im bored [: yeee!

and im heckie proud of it man! w00t! w00000 weeee w0ah w0w

haha im kinda hyper and idk y

talk 2 me ppl bored0m really does kill *ughHHH*

come 2 think of it no one talks 2 me on here s000 w.e

if u g0ts myspace tlak 2 me there mkay??


back in the past

i was l00king at some old photos of me n my fam bam ;]

and w0w that brought back some old memories and fond times! i learned you hab 2 enjoy life with ur fmaily and friends :] make everyday worth living dwell on the g00d things in the past and let g0 of the bad! i learned 2 b more mature about things..i was just thinking w0w ive grown so much 2 b the pers0n i now am 2day and im happy with the way i am..

but anyways back 2 the pict ures! the pictures were like old sk00L n0w! every picture brought me a lil’ smile 2 my face and it had brightened my day which just goes 2 sh0w it reminiscing does bring a smile 2 ur face..i have so many memories i completely 4got about them but l00king back on old photos help you remmeber those fun times you wish you could do again..

im glad i g0t bored and decided 2 l00k at some old photos :]

ima probably put photos of when i was younger up on this bl0g post probably sunday mkayyy?

<3, jessica anne


these are pictures of my goddaughter leilani :] she’s so00 cute :]]

these are some pictures of me n SOME of my cousins :] yup yup! the first one is me n my cousins on a christmas evening and da 2nd one is of me n some of my cousins taking studi0 photos

well ok

my cuzin from vegas is here and we gonna have so much000 fun like a m00 m00 c0w!

haha lol but yeah anywh00′ we’re going out 2day with our cuzins: kyle and ateh` diane yeee! we dont know where we are going though soo00 yeah :/ we’ll find out soon enough haha

im bored right now me n adel [[cuzz0 from vegas]] r at kyles house waiting 4 him 2 get outta sk00L and go out with our ate’ diane and have s0me fun! like yeee boii! haha ;]]

ummm..yeah now ima make a new page of 100 facts about me kk?

much00000 love,

jessica :]

Last Day Yee! :]

2day is the last day of sk00L!! im so excited, but then again a lil` emotional

ok..this is because my friends in 8th grade who live in lathrop aren’t going to the same sk00li0 as me :[ dat is a very sad moment..buhH i will never 4get the great times me n all my friends had..we had some of the best memories and i will never 4get my 8th grade year..

im already starting 2 cry just writing this..

i will most definitely miss my friends in 6th grade and in 4th grade..although i may see some of them considering they live right near me but some live in lathrop and are going 2 a different sk00L [[4th graders]]

i will never 4get the veritas jr. high staff for all the work and effort they put into every sk00L day we had..they worked their hardest 2 make this year one of the very best..

mrs vermeulen: i thank u for all u have done. i will never 4get u..u will always remain close 2 my heart. u taught me alot. and if it wasnt 4 u i wouldnt know as much science as i know now dat u taught me

mrs. ryan: ur one of da best teachers ive had ever since 7th grade..ur nice, patient, and respect for all students and always treat them equally..u taught me everything i know now and how 2 treat people equally..thanks 2 u i considered being a lang. arts teacher when i am older. i truly will never 4get u

miss bartolomei: u helped me so much in math and whenever u taught a lesson i would always u nderstand it because ur patient with others who would not get the lesson. when someone was behind u helped them..i know all the students would never disagree with wut i said about u because it is true..ur a great teacher! :]

mr. shen: u were my history teacher from august until january..and honestly i miss u even when u were at our graduati0n i still wish i could see u one last time..ur not just a teacher who teaches very well btw ur also a great friend :]

mr. c00k: i didn’t know u very long so i wouldnt know wut 2 write about u :/ buhH i know exactly wut i wanna say: i will never 4get the way u taught..u had a new unique way of teaching..i hope 2 see u sometime


i will seriously never 4get my friends..i hope we keep in touch u guys ily soo00 much0 im crying right now just writing this..this is for all my 8th grade bestys now ima write a lil 4 my lil’ ones :]]

justin: w0ah dis guy is da c00liest ever!! ahaha he is like my besty` friend in 6th grade..hes always there 4 me when i needed him..he went 2 my graduati0n and it was nice seeing his face there..he puts a smile on my face when down :]..he treats me with respect and i greatly appreciate that..i know we`ll remain friends 4ever through thick and thin! i love him dearly and he knows that ily♥ justin XOXO justin is my DOLPHIN! yee!

bam: now bam;;hmmm..we always f00L around with each other we like yell @ each other buhH were not really mad @ each other we say we are but we arent..hes a great friend and i know none of his f riends would disagree cuz it is s000 true right? yeah it is! he knows i love him and we always g0 swimming which is fuN! i never want to lose him as a friend because he is my BEST friend. i love bam’s smile t00 more than i love bam himself lol jk! ily

Josh: not this guy is one of the funniest pplz u will ever meet whenever i am with him im always laughing..he also puts my frown upside d own :] and i truly love this guy ..hes c00L and has one of the best personalities..ily josh never 4get dat and if u really are moving ima hecka miss u :'[ *tearz* and tell ur brother im still gonna kiss him lol on the cheek

jonah: is joshs brother da guy i hab 2 kiss as a friend..hes 2 lil` for me he is only in the 4th grade and is so00 small and cute!! end of story! DATS ALL U NEED 2 KNOW DAT HE IS CUTE and small ily jonah besty`

john: now dis guy isnt ur average guy..he is so adventurous and we always have a great time when i see him and when we mess ar ound..dis guy is my friend through thick and this..we got into a humung0 fight at the beginning of the year which lasted like 2 months buhH he 4gave me and we became friends again which was a great thing cuz idk wut i wou ld have done without him :[ he knows i love him and his hugs ;]] ily jon j0hn :]

vianney: my 6th grade girlie :] she is like my lil’ sister because weve known each other since baby years lol..i love her 2 death and if u mess wif her u mess wif me GOT IT! ily

melanie: we are so000 close :]//she is one of my greatest yougnin friends we’re always there 4 each other through thick and thin and im thankful for our friendship ily<33

and those are my 6th7th//4th5th grade pplz if u EVER mess with them ur gonna mess with me and if u pplz EVER mess with me ur messing with them!! yeah we got each others back its like we are brothers and sisters who are really close and watch out fer each other..we ma y not b related by bl00d buhH it really seems like we’re like siblings cuz da way we act in front of each other..these are the only ppl i feel comfotable with and wont ever hab an awkward silence//conversati0n with because we’re so close //&& they are great friends and will never ever b replaced by anyone and this is da whole truth and nothing but the truth!!!! like seriously

u youngins always put smiles on my face 😀

we gonna hang out everyday :]]

cheyeah` right :/ i kid’

see u pplz


im having a birthday party 2morrow :]]] yippee! my birthday was on monday buhH i`m habing my party on saturday p00l party//sleep over ;]]

i invited friends && family :]]]

so yeah ill put pictures up of da party after da party xD


YaY! i just found out my ex still likes me :]]] a lil` bit lol! u know da guy i was talking about in da previous post yup! 2day we were talking and he said i still like u a lil` bit buhH he didn`t ask me how i felt so i didn`t say anything :/ i wanted 2 buhH like i was shy! ughHH! nothing ever goes my wayy buhH guess what? he MIGHT come 2 my bday party if him n his friend make up from a fight they got in to he needs a ride 2 my house :]] buhH he told me they were fighting over some stupid stuff :/// buhH anyways yeah i wanna tell him

do u think i should tell him? like call him? maybe i`ll tell him 2morrow ?? yeah?


i need help on guy troubles :/

so like basically he has my heart!

ok..i`ve known him ever since the beginning of the 8th grade sk00L year..i`m not sharing names or if he goes 2 our sk00L or not!

he’s sweet and nice 2 me..we already went out buhH we broke up because of something which doesn`t concern u..

i still like him i went out with other guys after we went out buhH they weren`t the ones!

i feel like dis is definitely THE ONE 4 me! he’s cute.nice.sweet.respectful && always gives me hugs which i enjoy every second of it like literally

i can`t tell him i still like him `cuz idk how he feels about me!

i need 2 know buhH i just can`t ask :/

honestly, i picture him as being the one 4 me. the one i want 2 share all my greatest of times with. all my memories and moments with him. && i pictured him as da perfect guy i`d like 2 marry in the future and dis is definitely NO JOKE! if i was joking y would i b telling u all this stuff?

i miss him everyday although i talk 2 him everyday :]

w0ah am i sprung?

what should i do?